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Most people love pets! However, if you are putting your home on the market, most buyers do not want to see your pets.

Your pet could be an attractive distraction in that a buyer pays more attention to your pet than your home. Or, even worse, your pet might be smelly, aggressive, or off-putting to the buyer. Either way, your beautiful home will not get the attention from the buyer that it deserves.

To sell your home quickly, for the most money, you want to stage your home to create the illusion you are not a pet owner. Here are five simple tips that will appeal to buyers:

1.  Clean Your Yard

The first thing a buyer sees is your yard and interested buyers will want to walk around. Do a ‘poop patrol’ before every showing. Fill in any holes and sprinkle grass seed on the top. You want your yard to be a green oasis that invites playing in bare feet – not a brown dust bowl that looks like a dog park.

2.  Remove Pet Odors

This may take more time but will make a big difference. Clean and tuck away the litter box and clean any noticeable stains on rugs or hardwoods. If a smell still lingers (have a non-pet owner in for a sniff), hire a professional to clean the carpets or rugs. If you won’t be using the rug in the new house, get rid of it.

Don’t forget to clean turtle, hamster, and guinea pig cages frequently, to prevent odors. And make fish tanks sparkle.

3.  Get Rid of the Hair

Not only does pet hair make your home look messy, it can trigger allergies and send potential buyers sneezing and wheezing out the door. Before each showing, vacuum and dust to remove any settled hair or dander.

4.  Remove the Evidence

Stow all pet paraphernalia – leashes, collars, pet beds, toys, water bowls, food, cute sweaters, and pet costumes for Halloween – in a cupboard or closet. Put dry food bins in a laundry or mud room. No matter how adorable you may think it all is, to buyers, it's just clutter.

5.  Pet Playdates for Showings

It's best for everyone if you can find a playdate for your pet before a showing, or to send him to Grandma's for an extended stay. But, if you decide to leave your dogs or cats at home, either crate them or confine them to a special area of the house, and make sure your real estate agent knows where they are.

We followed these steps and our Goldendoodle, Cody, loved the adventure. Our buyers did not know we had a dog until they met him before the closing and fell in love with him on the spot.

For a checklist of subtle home improvements that add up to a higher listing price or to meet Cody, please contact me at or 401-465-6996.

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